I have a private practice in central London. My training and experience brings together 5 Element, Traditional, Japanese and Tung style.

Whether you want to have acupuncture to maintain health or if you are needing it for existing conditions.  Feel free to contact me to discuss.

One area of Chinese Medicine is the study of the Meridians.  Meridian are believed to be the channels that carry blood Blood and Qi(energy) through the body. They comprise an invisible  network that links together all the fundamental substances and Organs. These channels are called the JING-LUO meaning to go through or thread.

These channels, although unseen are thought to embody a physical reality, and the substances of Qi and Blood, in a healthy state, move along them and bringing nourishment and strength. The Meridian unifies all parts of the body and maintain harmony.

The Meridians connect the interior with the exterior of the body. So by using Acupuncture points on the exterior of the body we connect to the interior and influence the internal organs as it will activate the substances which travel inside the body. This is the basis of Acupuncture theory.

I have been working for 12 years in the NHS and the Royal Hospital for Integrated Medicine. I have gained  invaluable experience in working with a variety of conditions .I get referrals from GPs and Hospitals. I work in  a multidisciplinary team with other practitioners and have learned a great deal from working with patients and colleagues.  We aim to give the patients holistic treatments and empowering them to be proactive in their journey.