Feng Shui Services

I provide the following feng shui services:
• feng shui consultation,
• space clearing,
• de-cluttering,
• geopathic stress assessment and more…

Feng shui for homes and workplaces

Feng shui for home

Maximising and respecting  the environment is the essence of Feng shui.   Life changing and important decisions such as selling or  buying  a house which is a large investment, why not seek advise. Or  enhancing the home you are in to create harmony. If there is life changes such as relationships, career, health and wealth then its good to look at making changes from all aspects.

feng shui consultant for homes london

feng shui consultant for homes london

Feng shui for business
Working in harmony and bringing optimum prosperity is essential for any workplace.  We spend much of our lives at work either offices or large institutions,  so we may as well ensure they work for us also. If working from home then its important this space is maximised. Feng shui helps with work related environmental issues such as job satisfaction, staff turn over and sick building syndrome.

Feng shui for gardens
If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, feng shui can help to optimise it and bring nature in and use it as a way to enhance your life.

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